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1 Santa Maria Dr., Ste 300
Columbus, OH 43215

Crisis: 911 or 614-488-4055

Children Services

Beacon has the longest history of providing children's mental health services in Lucas County. We believe kids are the future; that's why we're so committed to helping children live healthy and productive lives. It's very important to address negative behaviors early, when they're easier to correct. Let us help you and your child find a path to better behavior!

Do you ever feel like you're "not getting through" to your child? If your 3-7 year old doesn't listen, is defiant, has tantrums, won't settle down, or is aggressive - our Child and Parent (CAP) program may help. CAP is a group for parents and kids where you will learn positive parenting skills and practice them with your own child - including praising positive behavior, stating rules positively, setting limits, following through with natural and logical consequences, and time out.

Pregnant moms and families with children under age three can access Help Me Grow, a home-based program that addresses growth and development, parenting skills, and other issues.

Beacon's Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative provides mental health consultations for children 0-6. Services can be provided on-site at your childcare provider and can include observation, consultation, and training for staff and parents.